ECE Miscellaneous Info for Faculty

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone (308 ft.), Yellowstone National Park
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone (308 ft.), Yellowstone National Park.

Academic Calendar Summary

Click to download the draft Fall 2016 academic calendar summary sheet (.docx)

Prior semesters:

Fall 2015 (.doc)  Spring 2016 (.doc)
Fall 2014 (.doc)  Spring 2015 (.doc)
Fall 2013 (.doc)  Spring 2014 (.doc)
Fall 2012 (.doc)  Spring 2013 (.doc)
Fall 2011 (.doc)  Spring 2012 (.doc)
Fall 2010 (.doc)  Spring 2011 (.doc)
Fall 2009 (.doc)  Spring 2010 (.doc)
Fall 2008 (.doc)  Spring 2009 (.doc)
Fall 2007 (.doc)  Spring 2008 (.doc)
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Departmental Information Rack Forms (current)

Degree flow sheets EE_Flow_2015-2016 20150311 current
CpE_Flow_2015-2016 20150311 current
EE_Flow_2014-2015 20141019 old
CpE_Flow_2014-2015 20141019 old
EE_Flow_2012-2014 20131022 older
CpE_Flow_2012-2014 20131022 older
EE Flow_2012-2014 20130404 obs.
CpE Flow_2012-2014 20130404 obs.
EE Flow_2010-2012 20120320 obs.
CpE Flow_2010-2012 20120320 obs.


Degree graduation checklists EE 2015-2016 20150311 current
CpE 2015-2016 20150311 current
EE 2014-2015 20141019 old
CpE 2014-2015 20141019


EE_2012-2014 20131022 older
CpE_2012-2014 20131022 older
EE_2012-2014 20130105 obs.
CpE_2012-2014 20130105 obs.
EE_2010-2012 20110518 obs.
CpE_2010-2012 20110518 obs.


2-sided flowsheet+checklist EE 2015-2016 2sided 20150311 current
CpE 2015-2016 2sided 20150311 current
EE 2014-2015 2sided 20141019 old
CpE 2014-2015 2sided 20141019 old
EE_2012-2014_2sided 20131022 older
CpE_2012-2014_2sided 20131022 older


CpE new student (freshmen) advising recs: New Student Advising 20150529
EE new student (freshmen) advising recs: New Student Advising 20150529
CpE advising for students not calculus-ready CpE non-calc-ready 20130823
EE advising for students not calculus-ready EE non-calc-ready 20130823


EE and CpE Minors one-page description: EE+CpE Minors 20131105
Minors checklists (EE, CpE, CS, Aero, Mechatronics, Math): Popular minors checklists 20131105


Internship information packet: Intern Packet 20130107


MSU Academic Advising Information

Provost Info for Faculty

Proposal Clearance Instructions

Tuition and Fee Information

Total cost is tuition, fees, program fee, health insurance premium (if applicable), and foreign student admin fee $125 per semester and summer (if applicable).

Campus Info

Common Forms

Preparation for Activity Insight activity reporting (and former Faculty Activity Database Entry)

MSU Appointment Scheduler (for pre-registration advising appointments)

MSU Communications now has a new mechanism for faculty and staff to set up advising appointments. Go to URL:

and sign in with your NetID and password. Once logged in you can use the links at the top of the screen to "Set Your Availability" by choosing dates and times that you will be available for advising appointments. You can also "Configure Options" to create your profile, adjust the display options, and other details.

Once your availability and configuration is set, you can let your advisees know to go to URL: , login with their NetID, and then search for your last name to see and sign up for appointments.

Once an advisee selects an appointment, you will receive an email (including an Outlook calendar entry) to help keep things consistent between the Appointment Scheduler and your Outlook calendar.

CLASSROLLS--Download class rosters as Excel files, text files, etc.

Instructors need to go to:

Existing users may login with a NETID username and password. New users send an e-mail message with the requested information to . ITC will set up the authentication and send user instructions by return mail.

Your authentication will continue automatically from semester to semester once you are registered.

Once registered, you can download class rosters in any of the following formats:

  • Excel (2002 and newer) spreadsheet file (.xls) (recommended for Excel)
  • Comma-separated values file for spreadsheet (.csv)
  • Comma-separated values file with column names for spreadsheet (.csv)
  • iClicker (WebCT CMS) class file (class.txt)
  • iClicker (General CMS) roster file (roster.txt)
  • Text data file (.txt)

CLASS EMAIL LISTSERVS--Email to all students enrolled in your class

Lists are automatically created for each and every EE class and lab section. The lists roll over to the new semester after grades are due at the end of the current semester.

  1. The list names are in the format SSSSCCCNNN where SSSS is the subject area, CCC is the course number, and NNN is the section number. There is one list for each section in the course. Example list names would be ELEE101001 or EELE355002.

    The lists, which are refreshed with current class roll and e-mail information nightly, include each student who is on the class roll whether they have a proper e-mail address or not.

    A list review (see below) can be used to determine which students will have messages sent to them and which will not. Please note that you must be subscribed to a list before you can review the members of the list. List entries have the NOMAIL attribute if the e-mail address does not conform to the basic syntax (user@host.domain) of an Internet e-mail address, or if the student has no known e-mail address. In this case the address is set to <no-address@MYINFO>.

    Students are responsible for maintaining their preferred e-mail addresses in the Banner database by using the MyInfo Web site, which is accessed from the MSU home page by following the MyInfo link in the Quick Links section. New and updated addresses that are entered by 9 p.m. will appear on the list the next day.

  2. The instructor, teaching assistants, and others who need to be on a list may subscribe themselves. Such subscriptions are persistent and are carried forward through the nightly class roll update cycle.

Available Commands

In the command descriptions below, replace the <listname> parameter with a specific list name. Multiple subscribe and/or review commands can be included in a single message by placing each command on a separate line prior to the quit command.

Send messages to a list by sending A PLAIN TEXT e-mail (NOT HTML) to:


Subscribe to a list by sending the message:

subscribe <listname>

to :

Obtain a listing of the members of a list (list review) via return e-mail by sending the message:

review <listname>


More list management information is available from ITC.