Spring 2021

Advising and course selection for Spring 2021 begins October 19. Online registration opens on Monday, October 26, 2020. Your registration eligibility date is based on earned credits and class standing. Pre-registration for ALL ECE students must be completed by Friday, November 13, 2020.  Act now!

Who Is My Advisor?

The advisor for incoming freshmen and transfer students is Carol Teintze, carol.teintze@montana.edu, 614 Cobleigh Hall, https://www.montana.edu/scheduler/login/student/?fac=16595 . 

Continuing students, please consult the list on the Advisors bulletin board across from the ECE main office, 610 Cobleigh Hall. Advisors should also be listed in your DegreeWorks entry.

NOTE that if you are a student who has been identified in the COEX (College of Engineering Exploration) group, you may already have received an email message from the COEX advisor, Emily Mason, regarding COEX advising.  The COEX designation is simply a sub-category of any of the engineering majors for students working on getting to the M-151 (pre-calculus) level of mathematics. COEX students must see Emily Mason rather than an ECE faculty advisor.   emily.mason1@montana.edu,  https://www.montana.edu/scheduler/login/student/?fac=22522 .

ECE Advising Procedure

The ECE Department will be following the same advising procedure as in previous semesters. You will need to communicate with your advisor and schedule an individual appointment. Some advisors will have appointment time blocks posted outside their offices where you can sign up for the time that fits your schedule, while other advisors will use email or the online scheduler to make appointments.

Don't know who is your advisor? See the list on the Advisors bulletin board across from the ECE main office, 610 Cobleigh Hall.


  • The list of courses you are currently taking this semester (Fall 2020).
  • The tentative list of courses you plan to take next semester (Spring 2021).
  • The estimated semester in which you expect to graduate.

At the end of your advising session, your advisor will notify the ECE Department office, and you will then receive a DocuSign advisor evaluation form via email for you to complete electronically. Once you have completed that electronic form, you will be sent your Advisor PIN to equip you for online course registration.

Spring 2021 Updates and Information

  • MSU will have a special academic term, called "Snowmester," from November 30, 2020 through January 8, 2021.  A limited number of classes will be available, primarily in online format, in a highly accelerated schedule. No EELE classes will be offered, but other classes that might be of interest to ECE students include: ACTG 201; COMX 111US; CSCI 127, 132, 204, 232, 246; and EGEN 350.  A fee of $250 per credit hour will be assessed on the spring semester tuition bill. Please see the special instructions regarding the Snowmester opportunity.
  • List of "Snowmester" courses (as of 16 Oct 2020)
  • The department is updating the power and energy systems curriculum. Please note the revised draft plan for power systems courses.
  • Alternate year or annual electives for the Spring 2021 semester include:
    • EELE 408 Photovoltaic Systems
    • EELE 411 Advanced Analog Electronics
    • EELE 418/509 The Art of Biochips (see course information flyer)
    • EELE 432 Applied Electromagnetics
    • EELE 448/548 Optical Communications Systems
    • EELE 454 Power System Analysis & Design
    • EELE 455/555 Alternative Energy Power Generation
    • EELE 481/582 Optical Design
    • EELE 484/584 Laser Engineering
    • EELE 491 Special Topics: Power System Optimization & Control
    • EELE 505 MEMS Sensors and Actuators
    • EELE 577 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • EE students need to take 9 credits of EELE Professional Electives. Some EE students end up taking two 4-credit elective classes totaling 8 credits and just need one more credit to fulfill the 9 EELE elective credit requirement.  If this is your situation, you might be interested in taking a 1-credit EELE course. The options include Independent Study (EELE 492), Undergraduate Research (EELE 490), or Internship (EELE 498).  These special courses require individual arrangements, so see your advisor.  Another option is the 1-credit Multidisciplinary Seminars (EELE 394) course, which requires you to attend 12 campus seminars on your own during the semester. Or you can, of course, take a 3 or 4 credit EELE class. See your advisor if you have questions.

General Undergraduate Program Information

Important forms from the Office of the Registrar

  • After the add/drop period using MyInfo, students use online Drop/Add Forms to change course enrollment status. The forms are processed online through DocuSign.
  • Changing a Major, adding a Minor or Second Major, etc., is done using the online Curriculum & Catalog Changes form. These changes are now processed online through DocuSign.
  • You can check out the complete list of registration status forms on the Registrar's Office's webpage at:   https://www.montana.edu/registrar/forms_alpha_list.html

Special Notes

  1. If you plan to graduate in Spring 2021, you should already have completed the Application for Baccalaureate Degree. If you have NOT done so, you are LATE, so please see your advisor immediately and get the application process completed!
  2. The application for Fall 2021 graduation will be taken care of early in the spring semester, with a deadline of March 1, 2021. Using DegreeWorks, create a "Plan" showing the courses you will need to complete your degree, and let your advisor know that you are nearing your graduation semester, then remember to see your advisor in September to finalize the degree application process. Refer to our ECE Degree Application Instructions.
  1. Please be aware that if you plan to graduate Spring 2021, you are required to take the FE Exam before you graduate. You may take the FE Exam either the semester of graduation or the semester prior to graduation, but keep in mind that the FE Exam requires advance registration. You ALSO must be registered for EGEN 488 (zero credit placeholder) the semester you plan to take the FE Exam. The format of the exam is electronic using the MSU Testing Center. You must make your own exam appointment individually through the MSU Testing Center.

NOTE: If you are graduating in May 2021 and did not take the FE exam already, you must take the exam in the Spring of 2021.  If you are graduating in Fall 2021, you may take the exam in Spring 2021 or wait until Fall 2021 to take the exam. You must take the exam no more than one semester prior to the semester you will graduate; therefore, if you plan to graduate in Spring 2022 or later, the Spring 2021 exam opportunity does NOT apply to you.

Spring 2021 FE Exam: Registration for the Spring semester FE exam period (computer-based, six hour duration) is open year-round. Go to the website www.ncees.org, create a user account, and then select your desired exam site location and available appointment dates. Appointments will be made available in two-month windows (Jan-Feb, Apr-May, Jul-Aug, Oct-Nov), so Spring 2021 graduates need to schedule their exam appointment in the Jan-Feb or Apr-May windows. If the available appointment dates do not match your availability, you may consider taking the exam at another testing center (e.g., Helena, Billings, or Missoula). The exam fee is approximately $200.

You will not be able to graduate if you do not follow the proper FE and EGEN 488 procedures. Don't let this happen to you!!

Questions: ECE Department, 610 Cobleigh Hall, 994-2505. Office hours: 8AM-noon and 1PM-5PM.