The goal of the AUVSI Robosub Senior Capstone Group is to design and develop a fully autonomous submarine for use in the 2017 AUVSI Robosub competition.  The 2016 competition guidelines can be found on the Robonation Website.  2017 competition guidelines are to be announced in December, 2016.

 A full redesign of previous Montana State University Robosubs will be conducted by this year's team.

This redesign will focus on:

  • Full modularity for inclusion of additional subsystems
  • Additional thrusters for increased maneuverability
  • Increased organization of internal computing system for ease of troubleshooting
  • Hot-swappable batteries to avoid powering-down of entire Robosub system

The Robosub team will create a robust submarine that fulfills these goals.  After 2017 guidelines are made public, the Robosub will be tailored to fulfilling the tasks in conjunction with the MSU Robosub Club.

If you have any interest or questions about joining the Robosub Club, please contact:


The redesign of the Robosub for this year's capstone project came primarily as a desire from our sponsor. The features which he insists be included in the redesign are as follows:

  • Through connects rather than wet connects
  • Minimization of wires
  • Two hot-swappable battery cases
  • A cylindrical main electronics capsule
  • A pressure valve on the electronics capsule

These are all key improvements as derived from years of attending the AUVSI competition.

Sponsor Information

Alex Read & Aaron Darnton | Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

AUVSI Robosub Sponsor

Prof. Todd Kaiser | College of Engineering

AUVSI Robosub Advisor

Office: 531 Cobleigh Hall
Tel: (406) 994-7276